Simple Serene – english

– It may be simple to become serene.

This site was originally about a simple way to get rid of remaining negative emotions stemming from bad experiences in the past. The technique in itself, usually called “spinning feelings,” is very simple and only takes a few minutes to use. The basic idea is described in various places online. What I mainly did differently, and what I found to be very effective was to seek out the actual places where the unpleasant events took place in order to more easily reconnect with the original negative emotions I wanted to get rid of.

I used this method for a number of months to get rid of the emotional charge of various negative events in my past, and as a consequence I was relieved of quite a bit of useless old anger and resentment. Following this I also enjoyed a generally better mood, feeling happier and more at peace. This isn’t something one has to work with or spend time on every day. Personally, I mostly used the technique in some new place occasionally, usually with at least one to two weeks in-between. Since my personal experience was that it didn’t require much effort and the results were very good, I wanted to share it with others and set up this site.

Occasional use of the spinning feelings exercise is probably ok and quite beneficial for anyone who is fairly stable. Regular and systematic practice with it over a longer period on the other hand is perhaps more suited for spiritual seekers, because later on, as I kept it up, I became aware of a connection to so-called chakras. I have therefore added some introductions to chakras and the related subjects of kundalini as well as some of the chakra balancing exercises that I’ve since then added to my set of tools.

Some believe that one shouldn’t pursue such practices without the guide of a qualified teacher, but I don’t agree that that is the case for everyone. If one wants to follow a spiritual path and is willing to experiment, has a good knowledge of one self, is fairly stable and is aware of some of the possible risks involved, and so on, I personally think it is ok to do it alone. The pages on chakras, kundalini and so on are mostly to share ideas with such like-minded people.

Please note: I am not a mental health professional. The contents of this site solely reflect my personal opinions and are not to be interpreted as counselling or professional advice in any way. For more on this see the disclaimer.

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